I'm Nicki, and I have a successful photography book called,

'101 ways to pose with a whisk'.

Actually, the book thing isn't true.

But, it's true that I am the founder of Daisy Fine Foods!

My story is this:

      I have a history of baking for family and friends for as long as I can  remember. Alongside this, I also have a history of eating anything that is delicious for as long as I can remember.


        So, with this in mind, I was struggling to find vegan cookies in the shops  that tasted amazing - so, it seemed a jolly good idea to get out the whisks and create something myself. After 6 months fluffing around in the kitchen, my very first vegan cookie was born: the Vegan Chocolate Chip! And it's absolutely delicious.


         Now I'm on a roll and I have a zillion more recipes and whisks      everywhere. Thank you so much for your interest, alongside fabulous products for your shelves, you will also receive exceptional customer service, so you can relax knowing you've come to the right place. 

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