I'm Nicki, and I have a successful photography book called,

'101 ways to pose with a whisk' (please see photos to confirm this).

Actually, the book thing isn't true.

But, it's true that I am the founder of Daisy Fine Foods!

My story is this:

      I have a history of baking for family and friends for as long as I can  remember. Alongside this, I also have a history of eating baked goods that are delicious for as long as I can remember.


        So, with this in mind, I was struggling to find baked products in the shops that tasted like they were made with love; that had that extra bite of 'wow' and that made me want to eat more than one at a time. So, it seemed like a jolly good idea for me to get out the whisks myself. I decided to start with a vegan cookie and after 6 months fluffing around in the kitchen, my very first cookie was born: the Vegan Chocolate Chip! And it's absolutely delicious.

Now, even although Daisy Fine Foods has grown significantly from me throwing whisks around my kitchen - we still make our products using hands, not machinery, in small batches, and we freshly bake daily. You will notice that in the taste. Plus, we never back down from using only the highest quality ingredients we can get our hands on, and you will notice that in the taste also.


         Thank you so much for popping by,

Stay amazing, x

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