I'm Nicki, and I have a successful photography book called,

'101 ways to pose with a whisk' (please see photos to confirm this).

Actually, the book thing isn't true.

But, it's true that I am the founder of Daisy Fine Foods!

My story is this:

      I've been a vegetarian for 30 years, and a vegan for about 3 years. That's a big block of my life, so producing scrummy things that do not contain animal products is completely the norm for me.


So, one very normal day, whilst eating a cookie (of course), I had an epiphany to share my baking with the entire world.


        With this fabulous and rather grand idea in mind,

I then forged forward into the kitchen, whisks in hand,

to produce my very first product: 

cute little packets of Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Oh my goodness, how cute are they though?

Now, my cookies are baked fresh to order,

and we still use hands (and whisks), not machinery.

We bake in smaller batches, with lots of love:

and I guarantee that you can taste the difference!

Many thanks for stopping by and for all your support.

Happy cookie munching!




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