I'm Nicki, and I have a successful photography book called,

'101 ways to pose with a whisk'.

Actually, the book thing isn't true.

But, it's true that I am the founder of Daisy Fine Foods!

My story is this:

      I have a history of baking for family and friends for as long as I can                 remember. Alongside this, I also have a history of eating anything that is delicious for as long as I can remember.


        So, with this in mind, I was struggling to find vegan baking in the shops              that didn't taste like grated woodchips (somewhat challenging) - so, it                 seemed a jolly good idea to get out the whisks and create something       myself. After 6 months fluffing around in the kitchen, 

the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie was born!


         Now I'm on a roll and I have a zillion more recipes and whisks                      everywhere. Thank you so much for your interest, alongside delicious              products for your shelves, you will also receive exceptional customer                   service (or I throw cookies at my staff), so you can relax knowing you've come to the right place. 

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